What is 925 Sterling Silver?


Silver in its 100% purest form is a soft metal and is notdurable enough for making jewellery.

Therefore 92.5% pure silver is combined with 7.25% of harderbase metals, usually copper, but also zinc and nickel can be used to create 925Sterling Silver which is malleable but strong enough to produce beautifulsilver jewellery, whilst retaining a high precious metal content.

Various different finishes can be achieved on 925 SterlingSilver jewellery, such as highly polished, etched, diamond cut, satin oroxidised, which is why silver is so sought after.

The term “Sterling Silver” seems to have originated inEurope (probably Germany) around the 13th century and is believed tohave come from the word “Esterlin” meaning “Little Star”. 

UK Law requires any Sterling Silver item over 7.78 grams inweight to be Hallmarked by one of the four UK Independent Assay Offices.

Precious Metal Clay, which consists of 100% pure silvermixed with clay, can be used to take impressions of fingerprints, or bemoulded.  It then has to be fired andpolished to a finish.  The resultantjewellery will be 999% pure silver.

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