Birthstones Explained


The garnet empowers strength of character to aid relationships and stimulate commitment in others.

FEBRUARY: Amethyst

The amethyst assists with meditation, clear thinking and quietens the mind.

MARCH: Aquamarine

The aquamarine creates courage, calms anger and reduces stress.  Also improves communications.

APRIL: Diamond

The diamond symbolises innocence and constancy.  Creates strength and reduces negative thoughts.

MAY: Emerald

The emerald symbolises success.  Creates calm and empowers open-heartedness.

JUNE: Pearl or Moonstone

The pearl inspires success and prosperity in a calm and balanced environment.

The bloodstone removes negative influences and heightens intuition.

JULY: Ruby

The ruby embraces passion and a blissful state with clear thought.

AUGUST: Peridot

The peridot promotes love, health and wealth and is warm and powerful.


The sapphire inspires strength of concentration, andpromotes intuition, reliability and understanding.

OCTOBER: Opal or Pink Tourmaline

The opal is positive and balanced and aids hope and achievement.

The pink tourmaline induces joy and happiness.  Creates tranquillity and healing properties.


The citrine is strong aiding willpower, with a decisive calming influence.

DECEMBER: Blue Topaz or Turquoise

Blue Topaz enhances meditation and communication with additional strength.

The turquoise allows kindness and compassion to influence others.

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