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The gift of jewellery has symbolised love for thousands ofyears.

Sterling silver jewellery is a symbol of lasting andenduring love.

Things that sparkle have always caught our eye, and for aman to give the gift of sterling silver jewellery to the one he loves, fits thebill perfectly.

Be it silver pendants, silver rings, silver earrings orsilver bracelets, all perfectly adorn the human form.  There is nothing more pleasing for a man/womanto see the partner he/she loves wearing a piece of silver jewellery given by them.  It doesn’t matter  whether the jewellery matches their outfit,what really matters is that he/she is wearing their token of love.

Even children can wear cute sterling silver jewellery,typically sterling silver children’s pendants, or sterling silver children’sbracelets, as the ever fashion conscious child now demands.

Sterling silver rings, signify a bond between two people,and the exchanging of silver rings confirms the bond.

Sterling silver pendants or necklaces are very prominentpieces of silver jewellery, providing the onlooker with a focal point otherthan the eyes. 

Sterling silver earrings add interest to the face andenhance the features, and the bigger and bolder the sterling silver earrings,the more the viewer will evaluate the wearer.

Sterling silver bracelets and bangles add interest to barearms and again signal a bond with another. They also signify wealth when worn as multiples.

Sterling silver charm bracelets interest collectors, and thenature of the collection can be displayed to onlookers.  Typically, charms will have a collectiontheme, be it by colour, hobby, family connections etc.  All silver charm collections will beindividual and advertise the collectors interests. 

Sterling Silver, despite being abundant, can be crafted intomany guises, rings, pendants, toe rings, earrings, studs, bracelets, bangles,necklaces, all of which can be worn in different ways and combinations. 

Weddings anniversary gifts of silver celebrate 25 years, andin modern terms some people choose to give a sterling silver gift on the 5thyear of marriage.

Sterling silver is a keepsake for life, to be worn proudlyand boldly forever.

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